Youngest Celebrity Millionaires

When you think of celebrity millionaires, you probably think of names like Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, and even Oprah Winfrey. While these celebrities certainly hold larger than life bank accounts, these days there are more younger celebrities who’ve reached millionaire status than what you might imagine.

Who do you think are the celebs with the most money? The names that you find on that list might be surprising, but we are here to share with you some of the youngest, wealthiest celebs that you might or might not have heard of before. Learn more about these celebs, and how much money they are worth below!

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A Facebook Way of Life

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest celebrity billionaires. As you probably know, Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook and married to Dr. Priscilla Zuckerberg. According to celebrity net worth wiki, Zuckerberg is worth an estimated $50 billion, and that number is only expected to grow.

The Wal-Mart Name Lives On

Sam Walton, founder of the Wal-Mart stores, may no longer be here with us physically, but his legacy lives on through his family, including son Lukas Walton. Lukas received a high share of his father’s estate, and is now worth an estimated $11 billion.

A Co-Founder with Figures

Brian Chesky is co-founder of Airbnb. He is one of three of the founders with a $3.3 billion net worth. He now serves as the CEO of the company. Not bad for a couple year’s work, would you say?

A Drink & an Outfit Worth Billions

Kelly zong is another millionaire who hasn’t passed the age of 40, with an estimated worth of $2.7 billion. Zong is the Hangzhou Wahaha Group, a clothing and beverage company executive operator. This is a company that her father started.

A Disney Thing

Disney is popular for Mickey Mouse and Cinderella, and all things that children love. They’ve made the move to a larger audience with teen shows like K.C. Undercover, starring Zandaya Coleman. The actress/singer has a net worth of $1.5 million.

How was your 21st Birthday Bash?

Tom Daley has a net worth of about $3 million. The diving, who competed in the Olympics, is the winner of many awards, holds title as the youngest diver in the Olympics to make it to the finals, and is also the host of a cool TV series called Splash! Would you believe this Brit just turned 22 years of age?

More Celebrity Worth Information Available

These are just a handful of the many under 40 celebrities who’ve earned millions and perhaps even billions in their young age. Who says that you can only achieve millionaire status when you reach a certain age? These are just a few of the celebs who prove that age is, in fact, nothing more than a number, and that you can do anything that you put your mind to. If you are interested in learning more celebrity net worth wiki figures, it is free information that you can easily access with a few clicks of the mouse.