Steps to Take When Searching for a Foundation Repair Contractor in Toronto

There are some important steps to follow when trying to find a suitable foundation repair contractor. The first thing you should determine is how you intend to pay for any foundation work that may be required. Your foundation repair needs could be something as simple as applying a patch to a crack to stop water from entering, however, it could be something more dramatic so you will need to figure out how you will pay for the repair work before reviewing any of the prospective contractors.

General Contractors Vs Foundation Repair Contractors

While both of these contractors can work on foundations you should give preferential treatment to the contractors that work exclusively on foundation repairs. There are numerous potential causes of your foundation issues and the contractor has to identify the source of the problem so it does not happen again. If the contractor repairs the damage but does not deal with the source of the issue then you are going to find yourself back to square one in a couple of years when you need to hire the contractor again. An experienced foundation repair contractor in Toronto would be able to identify the cause of the foundation issues then provide you with a plan of attack to reduce the risk of having the same problem happen again.

Some of the potential root causes of your foundation issues could include the following

·    Insufficient/Inefficient drainage: If pools of water are allowed to collect around your foundation it will erode the concrete. Over the course of time this water will seep into the concrete leading to the formation of cracks and eventually it will cause foundation to “give way”. The only way to properly troubleshoot this problem is by ensuring your property has adequate drainage all around it. This need is common if your home is more than 30 years old so it would be wise to have the foundation dug up, have drainage installed prior to having any repairs effected.

foundation repair contractor in Toronto

·    Foundation was not properly formed/inferior quality concrete: This is a very serious problem because it may require removal of the current foundation and the proper installation of a new one. The contractor will be able to determine whether the foundation is stable and on a solid footing, if it is not then the only option may be a complete installation. While this is a costly solution the alternative would be having your home structurally unsafe.

·    Plumbing Related Issues: While drainage will help with the displacement of water due to rain/snow melting if your plumbing system has leaks it could cause problems. If the plumbing system between your home and the municipal water supply has leaks it could lead to water/sewage collecting around the property. These fluids would impact the structural integrity of the foundation and require immediate attention.

By enlisting the help of an experienced foundation repair contractor you should be able to quickly identify the cause of your foundation related issues and have them quickly addressed. The sooner you seek out this professional help the sooner the problem can be dealt with.