A Mobile Bar Hire For Kids’ Events

In my spare time, I have been able to earn a good amount of income by organizing children’s birthday parties and other events.  In the past, I have also organized more adult-oriented events, but I tend to find that events that are focused more on children run a lot less risk than many of the other events that I used to put on.  One of the reasons is because alcohol is usually not involved when it comes to organizing a children’s birthday party, and so it is less likely that anyone will ever get out of hand or that there will be any sort of violence that breaks out.  I find this to be a whole lot more comforting, and I have also found that these sorts of events can be just as lucrative, if not more so, as the adult events that I used to put together.

mobile bar hire

    Of course, just because there is no alcohol involved does not mean that I do not need to provide drinks for the guests.  On the contrary, it is essential that I am able to provide catering and drinks for these events, and one thing that I have found to be a huge success at children’s birthday parties is a mobile bar hire.  Now, most of these companies will provide alcohol services if you need them to, but many of them will also have other sorts of bar services that they will be able to provide.  At the most recent birthday party that I organized, I got a mobile milkshake bar for the kids, and everyone absolutely loved it.  The kids got great food and they were also able to enjoy excellent milkshakes while they were all running around and playing together in the parents’ back yard.

    The other option that I have found to be a huge hit at these sorts of events is a mobile smoothie bar.  While this was not quite as big of a hit as the milkshakes, kids do tend to enjoy smoothies as well.  Furthermore, it seemed to me that the adults really enjoy the smoothie bars themselves, and so this is a sweet alternative that can be good for both the kids and the parents.  For these types of events, it will usually come down to what the parents want and what they are willing to pay for, and so it is a good idea to present them with all of the options that they have.

    No matter what sort of mobile bar option I end up going with, I always make sure that the parents understand exactly what it is that they are getting so that they can determine whether it is something that is worth it to them.  I have to make sure that I get paid for organizing the event, and so I also have to be able to stay within the budget that the parents provide.  Either way, this is a fun little money-making hobby for me.